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Eezeebee is a specialist in fashion e-commerce solutions. Are you employed within the branch
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  • Business to Business webshop
  • Business to Consumer webshop
  • Mobile Sales App
  • Product Information Management
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Feeds to marketplaces


Ampèrestraat 3D
3861 NC Nijkerk, The Netherlands
T +31 (0)88 303 5700

Over 250 fashion brands use our solutions on a daily basis

A list of some of our customers:

One flowing suite for the fashion industry

Eezeebee is the e-commerce solution for the fashion branch. The platform offers a number of functionalities from her multi-channel suite and distinguishes itself because of its user-friendly, simplicity and scalability.

Petrol Eezeebee

The Eezeebee platform can be connected to an extensive range of ERP-systems, including the following:

Some key features

B2C and B2B e-commerce in one platform

Easy to get started


E-commerce in the Cloud

Eezeebee is an e-commerce platform specialised in adapting and scaling to the unique selling and buying scenarios, specific to the fashion industry.

The central platform supports both B2C and B2B e-commerce allowing new channels and business models to be designed with a significantly smaller investment and without the need to scrap any pre-existing systems. The applications fit together seamlessly but are also available as a standalone package and that is what makes Eezeebee a platform suitable for both starting and larger organisations.

Limitless flexibility ensures that not only your B2C, but also your B2B have a personal front end experience, something which both consumers and business users expect nowadays. Many different functionalities and smart design support your online market actions and a personal look and feel is easily made and only strengthens your brand experience.

More about the key-features

B2C and B2B e-commerce in one platform
Eezeebee offers tools necessary for an efficient sales process, including routine, repetition and bulk purchase options. Connected to your ERP, online orders will automatically be converted into deliveries and invoices.

The platform is scalable and because of this fascinating to every type of customer, whether they are large or small. Not just for single brands but for many, and in many different languages and currencies for both consumers (B2C) as business customers (B2B). All of this within a single e-commerce platform.

Easy to get started
With an Eezeebee build baseshop you can get started relatively quickly. You can use this pre-build best-in-class webshop as is, or as a base for an enriched and personalised webshop. No need to buy the actual software and hardware, you can simply pay to use them. Eezeebee will take care of the application management, such as making backups, maintenance and installation of newer versions and updates, and make sure no unwanted intrusions happen under our watch.

Having a solid mobile strategy is key to commercial success. Through our responsive design sites will automatically adapt to any screen size, format or other option no matter which device (desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone)

  • Support your sales team by making use of mobile devices
  • Use app when working offline
  • Maintain content on a single location and automatically update the formats on all devices