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Within B2B and B2C organizations, improving the customer experience is seen as an important condition for success. From 2017 onwards, B2C e-commerce has been about knowing your customer and building loyalty.

The customer is our central piece and retaining these customers is, aside from sales, the most important measure of success. Personalization is becoming increasingly important as an answer to how to fight price competition and to develop a loyal customer base. Big data initiatives are growing in priority, especially when businesses and organizations try to learn more about their customers.

For B2B organizations, a growing challenge is the increase in multi-channel acting business-minded customers. The demand for websites in which business customers can consult, compare and order product information themselves, is increasing rapidly. Customers nowadays expect service to be available at all times, both anywhere and for every device they own (computer, tablet and smartphone). They also like personal consultations where their wishes may be analysed and realized. Without any irrelevant information or distraction.

Eezeebee specializes in e-commerce fashion solutions. Because of extensive experience in the fashion industry, we know better than anyone where the possibilities lie. We have developed a multi-channel e-commerce platform that is characterized by user-friendliness, simplicity and scalability: one central platform for managing both your online wholesale as well as retail activities, without losing the added elements of an ERP.

Are you working in the fashion industry and do you want to know what we can do for your organization? View what our company might bring to the table.

One flowing suite for the fashion industry

Eezeebee is the e-commerce solution for the fashion industry. The platform offers a range of functionality in its multi-channel suite and is characterized by user-friendliness, simplicity and scalability.

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Surprise the demanding consumer

These days, costumer expectations are higher than ever. Whichever channel used, the customer will demand the best of the best. Only the state-of-the-art will do. After all, your brand is representing them when interacting with their target audience.

At the same time, business customers are heading into a similar direction. As consumers, they have become accustomed to a personal online shopping experience. Either through mobile phones or through desktops. In short, your B2B customers are setting equally high expectations as your B2C customers. Using Eezee Solutions you will be prepared for this.

The Future of E-Commerce

The advanced multichannel platform of Eezeebee offers the possibility of optimally carrying out any e-commerce activity, whichever specialty it might entail. Eezeebee is the future of e-commerce in fashion.

Whether it is about Product Lifecycle Management, B2C, B2B, Product Information Management, Customer Services, the use of mobile devices, your catalog printing, dropshipment, channel management, or the generation of feeds: Eezeebee offers you and your customers an unmatched e- commerce experience.

An overview of our partners

Over a 100 fashion brands work with use our solutions on a daily basis

An overview of some of a number of our customers

The components of investment

Application licenses
The Eezeebee SaaS License has the following modules: a basic license for the separate building blocks of the platform and ERP-linking license.

Set-up and Configuration
Eezeebee installs the software components on either a shared or dedicated server and configures the software in accordance to the customer's wishes.

Maintenance contract
Under the optional maintenance contract, our customer is entitled to minor and major upgrades and to their installation without additional costs.

Eezeebee has a wide range of hosting options, ranging from a shared hosting environment to a load-balanced infrastructure with plenty of servers.

Different service agreements are available at both hosting and application level.