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B2C and B2B e-commerce in one platform

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How it works

Eezeebee fashion

Eezee B2B

With the push of a button all of your products will be within reach of your business customers. Wherever they are, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Eezee B2C

Offer consumers a fascinating and personalized shopping experience. Strengthening your brand and carrying a larger conversion.

Eezee Sales

Support your Salesteam by using mobile devices. Use the Eezee Sales App even when it comes down to working offline.

Eezee PIM

Consolidate and manage all your articles and product information, whether or not is has been structured yet. All of this through several channels in a single location.

Discover Eezeebee
Does your wholesale company long for a fully integrated, multi-channel e-commerce suite, which easily adapts to the management of your business? Using the solutions of Eezeebee you will manage every part via a single platform, meet the demands of current consumers, improve your efficiency, reduce mistakes and increase revenue.

Involve your customers
The traditional distribution and wholesale model is changing quickly. It has become an entirely different type of branch than it was 10 years ago. Nowadays more and more B2B customers behave like consumers, longing for self-service tools, for example through their mobile phone, allow them to have a direct look at product information. Many consumers purchase directly from wholesalers or manufacturers by simply using e-commerce websites.

Discover the power of a Software platform designed for the Cloud

Modernise your business management
Managing a successful wholesale demands keeping up with changes in technology, keeping the needs of customers in mind, price models and much more. Once the market changes, your business will need to respond accordingly.

The Eezee platform offers a ‘Leveled playing field’ solution which helps your distribution infrastructure be modernised allowing more efficient work to be done. Aside from that, Eezeebee will keep up with your company to make sure you can keep moving forward and face your competitors without worries.

Connecting directly to your ERP
The Eezee solutions will be connected directly to your backoffice ERP-system. We work together with Reflecta XL-ENZ, K3 Pebblestone Fashion, TCOG itSuitsFashion, Exact, ACA Fashion Software, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX, Softwear, SAP and GenCom.

The platform

Eezeebee supports the demand for both B2C as B2B e-commerce using a single platform. This allows for the development of new channels and business models at a significantly lower investment quite easily, without the need to destroy systems already in place.

Unlimited flexibility enables your webshop to create a personal front end experience, as is expected by both consumers and business users nowadays. The applications work together perfectly, but even without each other the programs are available. This makes the Eezeebee platform fit for both the starting and larger companies.

Key benefits

  • Connect e-commerce directly to your operational company system using a single cloud-based platform.
  • Create relevant and personalized multi-channel shopping experiences across all channels.
  • Deliver a consistent brand experience by maintaining complete creative control over your website.
  • Ensure the optimal experience on every device by using responsive web design.
  • Provide the oppertunity to purchase any number of brands, in a number of languages and currencies all within a single e-commerce platform.
  • It’s scalable and therefore fascinating to every type of customer, whether they are large or small, consumer (B2C) or business customer (B2B).

Eezee B2B

Through years of extensive fashion branch experience we are, like no other, aware of the possibilities. Through the use of typical fashion functionalities, we allow our users to start with their B2B activities immediately after installation. Either to start creating something new or to perfect some of the pre-existing elements.

Eezeebee maintains an enterprise-class B2B e-commerce platform, this offers an shopping experience equally as informative as any B2C websites. Seamlessly integrated with operational back-end systems like your ERP.

Our program supports webshops, in-house sales, distributors, fabricators, local shops and channel-partners. All of this from one, single, platform. Eezee B2B is the answer to all of your problems related to the costs of sales by improving on active processes and reducing faults, attracting and maintaining new customers, realising growth in revenue and by transforming your company into a fast-growing multi-channel operation.

  • No limit on the amount of products you would like to introduce or amount of customers who have access to the site
  • Show off your product catalogue based on either Model or Style
  • Routine, repetition and bulk purchase options
  • Profit from dynamic product imaging, zoom alternative pictures and more
  • Connected to your ERP, online orders will automatically be converted into delivery and invoice
  • Each customer gets their own price, terms and credit limit
  • Aside from standard filtering, you can create your very own custom filters.
  • Directly provide your customers with a product catalog
  • Offer your customers diverse payment methods such as delayed payment, Buckeroo Consignation or direct payment and manage these yourself
  • Add specific comments or order references of your customers to their orders
  • Eezee B2B is a multilingual platform. The shops will be delivered with 6 pre-installed languages as standard, among these languages are Dutch, English, German and French.

The options are numerous, and we would love to inform you about them during an appointment. Contact us for a completely free demo.

Petrol Eezeebee

Eezee B2C

Because of an explosion of internet-enabled devices, the shopping public is only a small click removed from your products, wherever they might find themselves. Consumers expect an optimized experience from every digital touchpoint, for every moment of the day, 7 days a week. With Eezee B2C you will create such an online shopping experience for your customers. Whether they prefer desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, whatever their geographical location might be, they will be able to connect to your platform without problem.

  • Ensure a unique brand experience and powerfully personalized but fascinating B2C shopping experience, leading to impulse conversions
  • Allow your online community to grow, cultivate brand-evangelists and improve SEO
  • Increase customer involvement by encouraging them to share their shopping experience on popular social media.
  • Show real-time stock data on your site. How many products available, whether that is online or in certain local shops.

Eezee Sales

With a fully charged iPad in hand, your representatives can head out and use the Eezee Sales app. An efficient tool for shortening the sales cycle of the buyer by providing them with marketing materials catalogues, insight in stock, digital documentation such as invoices and past orders et cetera. Your customers can even sign their documents right then and there because of the tablet.

  • Support your sales team by using mobile devices.
  • Make use of an app even when they are offline.
  • Manage content from one central location and have all devices adopt the format automatically.

Eezee Sales is delivered as a cloud app with a very affordable monthly subscription cost.

Eezee sales app
Eezeebee scherm

Eezee PIM

PIM is an adaptable framework allowing you to connect, organise, manage, follow, consolidate and centralise all critical information on products. Offering a streamlined process for good communication and cooperation between product stakeholders, product development, merchandising, design, manufacturing, quality and other important disciplines.

With Eezee PIM your articles and product information will be consistently managed from a single location.

The components of investment

Application licenses
The Eezeebee SaaS License has the following modules: a basic license for the separate building blocks of the platform and ERP-linking license.

Set-up and Configuration
Eezeebee installs the software components on either a shared or dedicated server and configures the software in accordance to the customer's wishes.

Maintenance contract
Under the optional maintenance contract, our customer is entitled to minor and major upgrades and to their installation without additional costs.

Eezeebee has a wide range of hosting options, ranging from a shared hosting environment to a load-balanced infrastructure with plenty of servers.

Different service agreements are available at both hosting and application level.