Some key features

Real-time customer service

Customer specific prices

Agents & retailers

The number 1 B2B for Fashion

Through years of extensive fashion branch experience we are, like no other, aware of the possibilities. Through the use of typical fashion functionalities, we allow our users to start out with their B2B activities immediately after finishing installation. Either to start creating something new or to perfect some of the pre-existing elements.

Eezeebee maintains an enterprise-class B2B e-commerce platform, this offers an shopping experience equally as informative as any B2C websites. Seamlessly integrated with operational back-end systems like your ERP

Our program supports webshops, in-house sales, distributors, fabricators, local shops and channelpartners. All of this from one, single platform.

Eezee B2B is the answer to all of your problems related to the cost of sales by improving on active processes and reducing faults, attracting and maintaining new customers, realising growth in revenue and by transforming your company into a fast-growing multi-channel operation.

More key-features

Create your own look & feel with the help of a handy template editor and available grid functionality.

Every customer gets their own prices, terms and credit limits.

Payment methods
Offer your customers a number of payment methods like direct payment, the use of credit limits and even delayed payment.

Stock overview
Show your current stock

Customer specific
Unlock product catalogues for your customers and make it so that you work with current stock; limit who can see certain content and prices.

Real-Time Customer Service
Provide your customers with a secured ‘customer service’ through which they can, independently, view order history, retailer information and order status, follow shipment or even place re-orders.

  • The shop handles pre-sales, stock and noos
  • Show the images of popular items which your customers might be interested; easy access and opportunity to increase sales
  • Creating a wishlist which, at a later date, might be converted into an order.
  • You can easily Determine the look and feel of the webshop yourself.
  • Create filters based on product, group, colour, category and or price range.
  • Hand out discounts (percentage based or through a change in margin) to variants/customer level as promo.
  • Accept backorders and sell not just based on your current and available stock, but also not yet delivered items.
  • Eezee B2B allows one to work with prepacks, the design of your ERP is of importance in these instances.
  • No need for IT-help, easily add information yourself, marketing material or any other documents.
  • You can freeze and save orders, to finish them at a later date.

As a wholesale, acknowledging that your B2B customers are more and more tech-focussed is of great importance. Millennials are replacing the babyboomers as employees. They shop using tablets and smartphones and expect informative, content-rich, and fully functional e-commerce websites; one place to make all of their expenses. They have little patience for deliverers that intent to make their orders needlessly difficult. Those companies will be quick to loose their customers to more tech-savvy companies.

This generationshift has been going on for a while now and will only keep accelerating in the coming years, especially so once the final babyboomers leave quit their jobs. This is why you, as a wholesaler, should stop seeing the e-commerce as add-ons and instead see how e-commerce can turn into the focal point of your company.

Discover the power of a Software platform designed for the Cloud

Eezee B2B contains a number of elements which will allow you to adapt the look and feel to the best it can be quite easily. Once logged in as customer or agent, site will offer a direct view of the online collection. Through the personal dashboard a user can place or edit pre-sales and/or stockorders, existing order, invoices or shipments.

Extensive search and filter options are there to make sure both the agent and the direct customer can find the desired articles. As preparation for busy periods of sales, your sales office might prepare an order for every customer so that they might pick them up as soon as your customer visits.

Inviting environment, multilingual as it can get
Your customers get the right prices for their articles, can see the details of invoices and delivery notes, and download EAN-codes. Our customers regularly tell us that they think of Eezee B2B as inviting and understandable. As an environment where order can be made quickly and easily. Aside from all of that, because of it being a multilingual platform the ease of use is supported even more.

Now imagine this, your customer, agents and salesoffice working together within one large online environment. Complete integration with your ERP, without any difficult implementation process: The ideal online business portal.

Contact us to make an appointment so that we can show you our demo. Experience for yourself the countless possibilities and user-friendliness of our solution.

The components of investment

Application licenses
The Eezeebee SaaS License has the following modules: a basic license for the separate building blocks of the platform and ERP-linking license.

Set-up and Configuration
Eezeebee installs the software components on either a shared or dedicated server and configures the software in accordance to the customer's wishes.

Maintenance contract
Under the optional maintenance contract, our customer is entitled to minor and major upgrades and to their installation without additional costs.

Eezeebee has a wide range of hosting options, ranging from a shared hosting environment to a load-balanced infrastructure with plenty of servers.

Different service agreements are available at both hosting and application level.