A number of key features

Easy to get started


Responsive design

The number 1 B2C for Fashion

Because of an explosion of internet-enable devices, the shopping public is only a small click removed from your products, wherever they might find themselves. Consumers experct an optimalized experience from every digital touchpoint, for every moment of the day, 7 days a week.

With Eezee B2C you will create such an online shopping experience for your customers. Whether they prefer desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, whatever their geographical location might be, they will be able to connect to your platform without a hitch.

Our consumerswebshop, specifically designed for the fashion industry, uses the Content Management System (CMS) of PrestaShop and, through B2B, is connected to your underlying ERP system. Possibly combined with out powerful Eezee PIM solutions.

The connection synchronises the sales, product and stock information of your webshop automatically with your backoffice.

Prestashop is based on open source software and is fully scalable. This allows our solutions to be of interest to both small and larger companies.
Findability within search engines is another point within which PrestaShop scores quite well. Within search engines, the well-structured and system speed allow Eezee B2C to be found more easily than many other e-commerce solutions.

Aside from all of that, PrestaShop offers over 3000 modules as Add-ons to personalize your webshop, attract more visitors, improving the conversion and maintaining customers. Whenever attempted, Eezeebee would love to be there to assist the venture. We will make sure the chosen modules will be safely implemented and optimized for customer use

More key-features

Single cloud-based platform
Connects e-commerce directly to your operational company system through a single cloud-based platform.

Multi channel
Create both relevant and personalized multichannel shopping experiences on every channel.

Brand experience
Maintaining the complete, creative control of the website delivers a consistent brand experience.

Responsive webdesign
Because of its responsive design, every device will deliver an optimal experience.

A single e-commerce platform will allow marketing of numerous brands, in any number of currencies.

Its scalable and because of that fascinating to every type of customer, whether they are large or small.

  • Import products from your ERP.

  • Offers a number of payment methods.

  • You can easily create filters or changes within the sorting order.

  • Make special offers based on products, customers or orders.

  • Product pages can easily be configured

  • Gain an understanding of the navigational behaviour of your visitors.

  • Lessen the amount of left-over baskets by messaging potential customers.

  • Manage your customer database.

  • Print delivery notes in PDF

  • Manage simple orders

  • Show complete product pages through a ‘call to action’-buttons

  • Increase webshop traffic though effective SEO management.

  • Meet the impact of promotional campaigns.

  • Link your shop to social networks.

  • Ensure the checkout measures up to the current European Laws.

  • Manage geopgraphical delivery zones and see to a diverse number of delivery options

  • Know which of your products tops the popularity charts and put it under some additional spotlights.

Speed is essential for any great webshop! Slower shops mean slower conversion and a decrease in revenue. For webshops with many products and filters, we like to use Elasticsearch. A system which can find and analyse many different kinds of data. Elasticsearch can even handle uncertain data sources, allowing you to make sure visitors of your Eezee webshop find exactly what they are looking for. Even if their spelling might be off. Above all else, Elasticsearch, like the name suggests, is scalable in its execution.

100% SEO proof
Our webshops have been designed with findability in mind. You yourself can make sure your B2C is even more recognizable by adding good page titles and search phrases. This way you will leave your competitors in the dust.

Discover the power of a Software platform designed for the Cloud

Easy to get started
Eezeebee-build baseshops will allow you to quickly get started. These best-in-class webshops could function as pre-build solutions or as a canvas to edit and improve upon.

Product navigation
Sort your products into limitless categories, enabling your customers to filter through on intuition. Because you can create as many edited field as you wish, the way your customers will be able to filter through your selection is limitless.

Connect with international and multilingual markets
The world has become an open market because of the rise of informational technology. No longer are consumers forced to buy products from their own country. More than ever, they expect you to provide them with offers in their first language and currency, whichever that may be. Is your company worldproof yet? If not than now is the time to make it so by choosing B2C from Eezeebee.

Product search
Great searches allow customers to quickly find the right articles and adding these to their shopping baskets. Whenever a customers types his or her search request, the site will offer automatic search offers. This should result in an increase of conversion.

Responsive design
Eezee B2C takes pride in its ability to elegantly provide to all devices, whether they are smartphone and tablets or laptops and desktops.

Product pages
The product pages have been designed to show the most relevant information. Displayed images will include product-zoom which customers can use to zoom to their hearts delight. However trivial it might seem, a function like this can have an incredible impact on your conversion! High resolution images could be uploaded and the system will automatically adapt them to perfectly fit the product detail page.

The components of investment

Application licenses
The Eezeebee SaaS License has the following modules: a basic license for the separate building blocks of the platform and ERP-linking license.

Set-up and Configuration
Eezeebee installs the software components on either a shared or dedicated server and configures the software in accordance to the customer's wishes.

Maintenance contract
Under the optional maintenance contract, our customer is entitled to minor and major upgrades and to their installation without additional costs.

Eezeebee has a wide range of hosting options, ranging from a shared hosting environment to a load-balanced infrastructure with plenty of servers.

Different service agreements are available at both hosting and application level.