A number of key features

Pre-sale, stocksale, noos and future stock

Standard connection with most ERP-systems

On- en Offline

Your representatives may hesitate in adopting the technology of the new mobile economy. Try and prove them wrong. They have a sales technique which works and has worked for the longest time. Times are changing however. Your B2B-customers have gotten used tot he ease of mobile technologies offers the buyers experience.

To make sales organisations as efficiently as possible your representatives need to have the information on customers and products. What would be even better is if they can make orders while they are with customers.

Eezee Sales offers the following options. A mobile salestool which will enable your employees to work more efficiently and eases the administrative handling of your sales process.

With a fully charged iPad in hand, your representatives will head out. Each with the Eezee Sales app containing the newest marketing materials, insight in current stock, digital documentation such as invoices, order confirmation, past orders et cetera. The customer even has the oppertunity to sign these document using the iPad. Eezee Sales is an efficient tool that quickens the sales cycle of your customers.

Eezee Sales is part of the Eezee B2B platform, the e-commerce platform for the Fashion Industry

More key-features

Pre-sale, stocksale, noos and future stock
Always have the entire catalogue at hand. Show detailed images, items, filters, searches, check stock levels, and customer specific prices.

Make both online and offline orders
During the customer visit, your salesrep will immediately put their orders through. Whenever they lack an internet connection, the order will be processed automatically by your ERP once synchronisation happens.

Software as a service
No longer does the software have to be bought. The software can be licensed to users on a monthly basis. All off the data is available 24/7 via the cloud service of Rackspace, our hosting partner.

Always up to date
Hand your Sales team direct access to the latest updated product information, stock levels, the newest models and correct prices.

Directe koppeling met je ERP
Make a direct connection to your backoffice ERP-system. All major systems are supported. Customers of ours use Microsoft Dynamics NAC and AX, Reflecta XL-ENZ, TCOG, itSuitsFashion, SOftwear, K3 Pebblestone Fashion, ACA Fashion Software, SAP and Styleman Fashuon Software.

By using Eezee Sales you are handing your salesmen a mobile tool they can use to inform people of brands, in many different languages and currencies in an intuitive manner.

Save on samples
Make use of high resolution images in showing off your products without your salesmen having to bring their collections along.

Lookbooks and Buy the look
Inspire your customers using campaign images in frivolously shaped lookbooks. Mark sets or combinations of colour, together they go into the basket, and together they can easily be purchased.

Eezee Sales allow your commercial employees to easily access (their) customer’s data by using iPads. Stock, prices and order history will be at their fingertips for every customer. Even when their customers are visiting, they could easily put orders through. Whenever they lack a stable internet connection, the devices will synchronise at a later date and the order will be sent to your ERP automatically.

Both online and offline solutions are part of this deal. Al of our solutions are not just versatile in their creation, but also in their ability to flexibly show off content. Hereby adapting specifically to up-to-date situations. This is done by adding additional data from your ERP or from the Eezee PIM. Eezee Sales ensures your employees will perform their duties in an efficient and timely manner with all of the user-friendliness you can expect from modern technology.

• User-friendly application
• Easy to adopt a personal home style, look & feel
• Many one-time payments.
• Very affordable monthly subscribtions
• Your outside sales team does not need a connection to your ERP

The components of investment

Application licenses
The Eezeebee SaaS License has the following modules: a basic license for the separate building blocks of the platform and ERP-linking license.

Set-up and Configuration
Eezeebee installs the software components on either a shared or dedicated server and configures the software in accordance to the customer's wishes.

Maintenance contract
Under the optional maintenance contract, our customer is entitled to minor and major upgrades and to their installation without additional costs.

Eezeebee has a wide range of hosting options, ranging from a shared hosting environment to a load-balanced infrastructure with plenty of servers.

Different service agreements are available at both hosting and application level.